Do You Know How to Prepare a Cement Floor for Epoxy Coating?

Posted on: 26 December 2019

One thing that makes epoxy coatings stand out is their durability. They are a top choice for anyone who wants to protect concrete and cementitious floors. For the best results, you need to prepare the cement floor properly so that the coating holds on to the floor well. It will keep the coating intact while ensuring that your maintenance costs remain low. Here are some of the things you should do when preparing your cement floor for an epoxy coating:


You can grind a cement floor in readiness for the application of an epoxy coating. Special grinders remove dirt, grime and any existing layers on the surface of the cement floor. Typically, diamond grinding disks and other kinds of abrasive discs will get the job done. The technique, however, requires you to go through the user manual thoroughly to understand how the equipment works. It may not be the top choice for a do-it-yourself project. 

Chemical Etching

Chemical etching refers to the use of special chemicals that can work on the cementitious surface, making it suitable for the application of the epoxy coating. The most common chemicals used for this process are phosphoric, sulphamic and muriatic acids. Once you select the chemical you want to use, read the user instructions thoroughly, especially those regarding dilution. Other important steps here include the following: 

  • Getting the right tools — you need the right attire for before you take on a chemical etching project. It would help if you had a pair of good quality rubber gloves, a mask and waterproof boots. 
  • Cleaning the cement floor — clean the cement floor by sweeping and vacuuming all the dust from the surface. Next, use liquid soap and detergent to wash the floor, paying to sections that have water beads. They need more attention because the water beads are a sign of oily dirt. 
  • Apply the Cleaning Solution — after mixing your acid solution, pour it generously over the surface of the cement floor. Use acid-resistant containers and brushes when pouring and distributing the acid solution. Let the cleaning solution settle on the cement floor for around ten minutes before mopping the floor and rinsing it thoroughly. You can vacuum the floor further before applying the epoxy coating. 

When you finish preparing the cement floor, you can proceed with the application of the epoxy coating. The essence of cleaning and preparing the floor is to make sure that it creates a strong bond with the cement floor.