What You Should Know About Carpet Installation

Posted on: 23 December 2019

If you want your carpet installation process to be flawless and successful, you need to have a plan. Don't take having a plan lightly. You want to cater to everything and be ready for anything. Here's what you need to know.

What Is Your Situation?

You can be in one of two situations: you either want to install a carpet on a floor that does not have one or you want to replace the currently installed carpet. In both these scenarios, you are required to buy a new carpet. Identify the carpet you need, but don't buy it yet. Contact a carpet installation company of your choosing and inform them of your needs.

What to Expect

The carpet installation company will ask about your requirement and, depending on the two scenarios mentioned above, they will present a quote estimation. Note that if you need to replace a currently installed carpet, you might be charged for the removal of the old carpet and the floor preparation process. Additionally, if your house has appliances and furniture, the work to move them out of the way during carpet installation is also included in the calculation of the carpet installation fees.

The carpet installation company sends representatives to your home to inspect the current floor situation and take measurements. You can only get an accurate quote after this home visit.

Buying the New Carpet

Buy the carpet after the carpet installation company takes measurements and offers you an accurate quote. This is crucial because you want to avoid buying excess or less than the required carpet size.

Additionally, the carpet installation company can offer advice on the type of carpet that will suit your house or office needs and floor type. Of course, you can choose the design and colour; let the carpet company help you pick the carpet type and give you the pros and cons based on your requirements.

The carpet you had identified before might turn out to be not the right one for your needs. You may have dodged a bullet by not buying it before contacting the carpet installation company.  

Carpet Installation Standards

You should know that carpets are made and installed following particular Australian standards that cater to fire safety needs, disabled individuals and slip resistance needs.

This should make you rethink your DIY attempts to install your new carpet if you have no idea how to install your new carpet following these standards. Furthermore, you do not want to risk incurring expenses from shoddy installation work you would have avoided if you used a carpet installation company.