Timber Floor Installation: Why Timber Floors Are a Great Choice for Your Home

Posted on: 8 November 2019

Is it time to weigh up options for your new residential floors? There is a wide variety of flooring options you can choose from. Each flooring option has unique pros and cons, which should be looked at before making a final decision on which type of floors to install. 

Despite being one of the oldest flooring materials, timber floors are a popular choice for homeowners even today. These floors offer so many incredible benefits that set them apart from other types of floors. 

Check out some of the top benefits of timber floors below.

Timber Floors Are Poor Thermal Insulators

One of the unique attributes of timber floors is their ability to provide a warm, comfortable feeling to bare feet. Have you ever wondered why walking across these floors on your bare feet feels so nice and comfortable?

The secret to this relaxing and incredible feeling stems from the fact that timber is a poor thermal insulator. As a result, it isn't as good as other hard flooring options, such as tile and stone, when it comes to transferring heat from the floors to your feet than.

Timber Floors Give a Home a High-End Look

Do you want to create a luxurious look in your home? Installing timber floors would definitely help to achieve this goal. The natural grains, patterns and colours of each timber floor are a thing of incomparable beauty, meaning your timber floors will not only look beautiful but also unique.

Even though manufacturers of other flooring materials, such as tile, are constantly trying to mimic the natural look of timber floors, they can't match the real thing. 

Timber Floors Can Be Renewed

Another great thing with timber floors is that they can be sanded down and refinished over and over again to restore their functionality and beauty. This helps to eliminate the higher cost associated with completely removing and replacing old floors. It also helps to prolong the lifespan of existing floors.

Timber Floors Can Be Recycled

At the end of their useful lifespan, timber floors aren't rendered useless. The removed flooring material can be taken to a timber salvage yard to be re-used as recycled timber. If you have some home improvement projects in mind that require the use of recycled timber, you can always use the timber yourself instead of transporting it to the timber salvage yard.

While timber floors are a great choice for modern homes, they are not suitable for every home. These floors are susceptible to damage by water and high moisture levels, and as a result, may not be appropriate for some sections of the house, such as bathrooms and kitchens, or for areas with humid climates. If you need timber floor installation services, contact a professional timber floor installer today to get your quote.