Kerala, the God's own country is cherished with the wonderful golden fibre 'Coir' extracted from the tropical coconut trees. International Carpet Consortium based at Alleppey has taken great concentration to bring out the finest of these products.

This natural fibre is having peculiar qualities of strength, flexibility and durability. It is an ideal celebrity for indoor and outdoor decor which enhances the elegance and the place of choice. The versatile fibre is spun into a wide range of textured yarns and woven into beautiful products affordable to everyone.

Some of our experienced products brought out by International Carpet Consortium are Indian Coir Mats, Door Mats,Printed Door Mats,Inlaid Mats,Synthetic Mats,Moulded Mats,Moulded Matting Mats,Hollander,Fancy Matting Mat,Coir,Jute Rugs and Shapemats.

In addition to coir, International Carpet Consortium have a wide range of less expensive and user friendly products in Jute,Rubber and Cotton.

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